7 Guaranteed Ways to Succeed with Mobile App Development

By Jake Peterson July 17, 2020
mobile app development

Everyone remembers the old iPhone commercial with the catchline “there’s an app for that”. The original commercial mentioned checking the snow on the mountains, where you parked your car, and how many calories your lunch had.

Apps have evolved greatly over the 10 years since that commercial ran and now most businesses are also diving into mobile app development. As a way to improve their brand and reach the greatest amount of customers, small to large businesses have developed their own app.

With over 175 billion apps being downloaded daily, it can be easy for your app to get lost in the shuffle. Let’s talk about what you need to have in mind when you go about developing your own app.

Make it An App

Wow, what a great tip right? You should be building your web app to be an app!

While that may seem like a simple (and ridiculous) thing to say, we mean that you should be making your app its own entity.

app design

That means you should avoid making it just a simple reflection of your website or even worse, using your app as the mobile version of your site.

Not only have you wasted your time and money making an app, but you’re going to be disappointing the most important people in all of this: the users.

Why would users waste space on their devices and time downloading the app if it’s just a simple extension or reflection of your site? Spoiler alert: they won’t. And those that do will quickly be dragging your icon to the uninstall option.

Make it Simple

Have you ever visited a website and found navigating to a certain page to be almost impossible? Drop-down menus block your selection and the structure is just way too confusing.

When it comes to mobile app development, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Apps with too many features can overload a user and make using your app very confusing. Proper user experience is a must for any mobile app. In fact, according to this survey from Clever Tap, app confusion was the 5th ranked reason to uninstall.

Be Ready for Updates

Updates are one of those things that fall into the “annoying but necessary” bucket.

You can’t just push your app out and call it a day. You have to prepare for the future.

Mobile app updates can come in a variety of flavors. Maybe it’s patching a security issue. Maybe it’s offering a new feature. Or maybe, it’s a complete redesign. You should be monitoring your app constantly and making sure it’s adhering to standards and following all guidelines.

Updates also let your user base know that you’re listening to them and looking to make improvements. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that everything you did is perfect and wrapped up.

Utilize Proper Communication

mobile app communication

In a 2017 survey, 1300 employees were asked about the role that miscommunication plays in their office environment. Around 80% agreed that miscommunication happened within their setting but less than half thought they were part of the miscommunication issue.


When it comes to developing your app, there are going to be different teams involved. The developer team needs to be in sync with the design team. Remember, you’re likely only going to get one shot with a successful release so making sure all issues are ironed out beforehand is vital.

Take Testing Seriously

When you’re going through the final processes of mobile app development, you’re going to eventually run into the testing phase. Not only do you want to smooth out any issues, but you have to make sure your app is ready for users.

A buggy app means users are going to uninstall and forget about your app. In fact, 37% of users said they’d immediately uninstall an app the moment they spot a major bug. It doesn’t matter if you send out an email blast detailing your new fixes and offering a mea culpa, users have already moved on.

You need to test out the UI/UX of your app as well, making sure it’s user-friendly and optimal.

Whether you’re rolling out A/B testing or going over it all with a fine-toothed comb, you need to make sure your app is up to snuff and ready for the open market.

Be Mindful of Size

The average person has around 80 apps on their phone. Some were pre-installed and others were downloaded later. All of those apps share one thing in common: they’re taking up precious space on a user’s phone. Even though plenty of devices can store up to 64 GB, the average consumer isn’t overly liberal with their storage.

Second on the above survey for reasons users uninstall apps was limited storage. Don’t fall victim to a larger-than-life app!

Bloated apps are going to stick out like a sore thumb and tempt the user to uninstall, especially if they’re not making regular use out of the app.

What can you do to ensure your app isn’t the size of a small city?

  • Compress any images
  • Look to minify code
  • Remove or reuse resources
  • Look to minimize resource use from libraries

That way, you can make your app small, compact, and ready to go.

Pay Attention to Reviews

reading reviews

Even though it may not be a direct part of mobile app development, making sure you’re taking reviews into account is vital for the future success of your app.

While it may not be ready to hit Google’s Play Store or the Apple App Store, you should be seeking feedback from others in your organization. Ask them about functions, ease of use, user experience, and more. Take what they say into account as they’re most likely to give you honest feedback.

Even though they may not be mobile app experts, remember Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was once warned by a friend about the impending disaster of Netflix’s new business model.


When it comes to figuring out your mobile app, there’s a lot to consider. You want to make sure it not only runs well, but is free from bugs, and provides a positive experience for your users.

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