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ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) set requirements and compliance standards for businesses operating in the US to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination. As time has progressed, this act has grown to contain regulations on digital and web-based activities.

Our process is simple. We go through our compliance audit to make sure you’re adhering to the rules and then present our findings back to you. We are here to help make sure your site and company are complying with these standards.

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Half Geek, Half Human

Ensuring your business is staying ADA-compliant online can be challenging, especially with the complex legal and technical language. We’ll help simplify this process and make sure you understand everything along the way.

Ongoing Support

After helping you become ADA-compliant, we can continue to provide you with additional support and services to make sure your business is remaining compliant as you develop.

Dedicated Experts

Our team of experts is constantly educating themselves on the latest ADA regulations. We do this to make sure that our clients receive the best advice and support so they can relax, knowing their site is compliant.

Excerpt from our blog post: Does Your Website Need an ADA Compliance Audit?

Those in business are quite familiar with compliance. Whether you are starting a business or have been running your business for a few decades, there are always various forms of compliance that you must adhere to. For those with a website (which should be every business), you've probably heard about ADA compliance. If you're not sure what that is or if you comply, you may need to look into an ADA compliance audit. Audits can be scary, but they are necessary to find and resolve potential issues before they develop into real problems. Today, we're going to be diving into...
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What Happens During an ADA Audit?

When conducting an ADA audit of your company’s website, there are several components that an auditor will analyze. This generally starts with a page-by-page analysis, identifying explicit and potential violations to the ADA regulations. The auditor will also do a deep dive into the site’s coding to analyze both the back-end and user-facing design.

Once all of these factors and other factors are evaluated, the auditor provides a detailed breakdown of their findings. These findings generally specify the existing problems on the site and the areas that could use improvement to ensure best practice. Additionally, a list of recommendations ranging from coding adjustments to changes in site structure is supplied to show what steps should be performed to meet the ADA regulations.

What Are the Benefits of an ADA Expert Website Audit?

When performing a site audit, an expert can provide an unbiased third-party opinion on what changes should be made to address ADA concerns. Once the auditors have successfully completed this audit, your business will benefit in several ways, including:

  1. Avoiding potential fines for not complying with the ADA regulations
  2. Increase in organic traffic to your site due to better SEO
  3. A more user-friendly experience for all users

An ADA website audit not only protects your business from a lawsuit but can help you generate additional revenue because of your optimized user experience.

Let's make sure you're ADA compliant.

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