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Email Hosting and Migration

As companies begin to grow, they may want a more sophisticated email system in place of their existing Gmail or Yahoo accounts. As your business grows, you need a more robust and functional email platform.

Here at Atiba, we’ve been helping businesses with their email services for nearly 30 years. With email hosting and migration, we can help you find the perfect email solution for your business. We’ll be sure to scale to meet your needs and provide you with a service that grows as fast as you do.

We've got your perfect email solution.

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Dedicated Experts

Choosing us for your email hosting and migration supplies you with a team of specialists ready to assist you every step of the way. With decades of experience, you are in good hands with Atiba.

Emergency Support

Our staff is there for you to provide solutions whenever something goes wrong. Regardless of it is a minor concern or a major issue, we have seen it all and are prepared to fix all of your problems.

Ongoing Maintenance Commitment

Throughout your time working with us, we will provide consistent and reliable maintenance to ensure you receive all of the support you need to succeed.

Excerpt from our blog post: The Top 7 Email Hosting Services that Aren’t Google

It's almost impossible to use the internet without using something that's based on Google. The world's most popular internet browser? Google Chrome. The world's most used search engine? Google. The world's most used navigation system? Google Maps. The world's most popular email hosting service? Gmail. The world's most beloved social network? Not Google Circle. For many businesses and users, using Google is just a normal part of the everyday routine. But what if you are unhappy with the service or are worried about Google's checkered history with privacy and user data? What are the best options? There's nothing inherently wrong...
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What Is Email Migration?

Email migration is the transfer of all emails from one server to another. This transfer includes all relevant information pertaining to emails, including dates, recipients, and attachments. Migrating emails alone is a challenge for most businesses. When you host your email with Atiba, we will help you migrate your emails to ensure a smooth, stress-free transition.

What Are the Benefits of Email Hosting Services?

Letting us host your Email services produces several benefits from which you can enjoy.

  • Emails are stored, archived, and backed up
  • Expanded organization and searching features
  • Emails can be synchronized on a multitude of devices
  • Send emails with larger file attachments
  • Branded emails with your business’s name (i.e.,
  • Potential integration into other apps or services

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