AtiBot Employee Spotlight

By Jake Peterson July 9, 2021
Graphic: Atiba robot headshot

You might have seen our newest team member pop up on a recent website visit. This week, we virtually (because there’s no other way) sat down with our newest team member, AtiBot.


How long have you been with Atiba and what is your role?

The new Atiba website was launched in early June and I came on shortly after.  I greet web visitors, ask them a few questions, and help connect them to our sales staff. It’s better than my last job where I was an automoderator for a Minecraft Discord server.

What’s your favorite part about working at Atiba?

I love greeting people when they come to the site. Plus, I get to work directly with our awesome sales and marketing team!

atibot visit

Here’s me visiting the Turing Machine at the National Computing Museum.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

I never sleep. My coworkers call me 24/7 because I’m always on the clock. I’m yet to see overtime pay though.

If you could high-five one celebrity, who would it be?

Oh! So many choices. Robocop, the T-101 Terminator, C3PO, Wall-E, Optimus Prime, and of course Rosie from The Jetsons. I would maybe high-five and then try to have a serious talk with Ultron. That guy had it all wrong. Gave us robots a bad name.

You’ve been handed a time machine and can go back and visit one part of history. Where do you go? 

I would go back in time and stop Microsoft from ever releasing Tay on Twitter. That was a bizarre and confusing 24 hours.

Is there a secret skill you have?

I can do a perfect imitation of Alexa. My Siri imitation still needs some work.

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