How Your Small Business Can Benefit from Mobile Apps

By Jake Peterson July 29, 2021
How Your Small Business Can Benefit from Mobile Apps

Most everyone remembers the original iPhone commercials advertising the use and functionality of apps. ‘There’s an app for that’ became a popular business slogan and joke amongst smartphone users. Need someone to cook your meal? There’s an app for that. Feeling cold and need an extra blanket? There’s an app for that.

12 years after the original commercial aired, that phrase rings even truer as more and more businesses develop their own mobile apps.

It’s not just large enterprises and chains that use mobile apps. More and more small businesses are tapping into the benefits of mobile app development. A proper mobile app can be part of your small business technology package.

Today, we’re going to talk about how small businesses can benefit from mobile apps and why every small business should consider developing one.

1. Mobile Devices Reign Supreme

Every year, more and more people turn to their mobile devices for internet activity. If this was a monarchy, mobile devices would be everything from the king down to the lowly squire.

Not only is half of web traffic mobile, but a recent study showed that users are spending roughly four hours a day interacting or using mobile apps. This was a 30% jump from 2019 but showed that more and more people are turning to mobile apps instead of their internet browser.

While past consumers may have gone to Amazon’s website, more users are turning to their app for eCommerce purchases.

This is a trend we expect to continue as more and more businesses develop mobile apps for consumers.

More apps mean more time spent on mobile devices.

2. Easier Communication

Every business needs to be able to listen and communicate with their customers. Having a mobile app is a great way to make communication quick and easy. A mobile app will allow you to communicate and interact with your customers in real-time.

You can also prompt users to give you reviews, leave feedback, or even have a virtual suggestion box. It’s an easy way to ask for honest feedback in a less formal setting.

Lastly, you can ensure you have top-notch customer service. While your desktop site may have a chat option or chatbot, these often make the mobile browsing experience poor.

With your mobile app, you can seamlessly integrate it as a feature and respond to customers quickly.

3. Easier Sales

easier sales

Roughly four out of every five mobile device uses their phone for an eCommerce purchase. Products and services can be bought in a matter of seconds with a few clicks of a button. That number is only set to increase over the next few years.

If you have a physical store and you want to expand online, a small business app is the way to go. You can make it easier for customers to find what they want when they want.

Browsing a mobile eCommerce store can be tricky at times but an app can give your users a more seamless experience.

They can also check inventory and other items without having to call you or go searching online.

4. It Connects Your Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing is a broad term that encompasses everything from local SEO to email marketing. Having a mobile app can be the cherry on top for your business, the ultimate marketing tool to round out your toolbag.

Through your mobile app, you can connect people to your social channels, have them sign up for emails, or direct them to your website.

You can drive traffic, increase your social following, and more all through your mobile app.

Your website acts as your 24/7 salesman while your mobile app can serve as a complement to your online offerings.

5. You Can Offer Your Customers a Unique Experience

woman making a purchase on her phone

Your mobile website should have all the same features and content that your desktop website has. Google strongly advises this and says that less content could mean a drop in rankings and less traffic.

But what if you want to separate your mobile and desktop online presence? Maybe you’ve noticed that mobile users gravitate towards one part of your website while desktop users go the other route?

Simply put, you can be more available.

Having a mobile app lets you personalize what you want users to see. You can highlight areas while also offering a streamlined view of your products and services.

Plus, users won’t have to open their web browser and go to your site. They can instantly click on your app’s button and get to where they need to go.

6. Improved Analytics

There are tons of analytical tools out there to help you track what consumers are doing when they visit your website.

While these tools are great, sometimes errors pop up or data doesn’t tell you the whole picture.

With your mobile app, you’ll have pure, unfiltered analytics from the start. You’ll be able to see what your users are doing and how they’re interacting.

From there, you can make proper decisions on how to improve or upgrade your app over time.

7. Brand Awareness

Building a brand is a long, tough road. With consumers often being bombarded by ads throughout the day, it can be tough to stand out.

Having a mobile app is another way you can increase your brand’s awareness and loyalty.

By providing a positive experience, you can turn first-time customers into repeat customers.

In terms of loyalty, your app can provide bonuses and discounts. You can push out promotions and sales through app notifications, ensuring that consumers know about an upcoming deal.

8. Faster Updates

Are you unleashing a new service? Starting a new product line? Opening a new location?

Social posts may be read over and emails unopened, but having a mobile app is a guaranteed way to reach your audience.

Thanks to notifications, you’ll be able to quickly send updates right to their phones even appearing when they don’t have the app open.

It ties marketing, branding, and customer loyalty altogether.

Does Your Small Business Need a Mobile App?

Of course, not every small business needs a mobile app. If you feel that you can capitalize on the above benefits, then a mobile app is for you.

With increased customer engagement, improved brand awareness, and more, you can build your small business and reach out to more customers.

If you want to learn more about our small business mobile app development, reach out to us today!

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