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Digital Marketing for Banks

Everyone needs a bank. As a core service used daily by millions, banks are competing with each other daily to attract potential customers. The majority of this competition takes place online as web users search for banking options on Google, see online advertisements, and are bombarded by email marketing campaigns.

Here at Atiba, our digital marketing experts can help you stand out. Whether that’s by boosting your local SEO, helping you craft the perfect social media plan, or optimizing your Google My Business page, we can help. Let’s get your bank on the map and in front of more customers.

It's time to build up your bank's online presence.

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All-In-One Package

Digital marketing is a large toolbox and we have all the right tools. Whether you're looking for SEO help, content marketing, or a little bit of everything, we have the plan for you.

Scalable Options

We know that your business needs can fluctuate each and every month. That's why we have scalable options built to fit your need. We want to go at your pace and be your banking digital marketing partner.

Monthly Reporting

Reports are vital to your digital marketing success. They allow you to see what strategies have been working and what haven't That way, we can double down on what's going right to keep growing your business.

Excerpt from our blog post: SEO for Banks: How to Improve Your Local Rankings

For many banks and financial institutions, both large and small, digital marketing has slowly been growing in importance. While digital marketing covers plenty of services, one of the offerings that receives the most attention is SEO. How can you move your bank up the rankings in your local area? The marketplace is constantly growing in competitiveness. Customers are accustomed to finding everything they need in a few short moments and if your bank isn't at the top of the list, they probably won't ever see you. When it comes to improving your bank's local SEO, there are a handful of...
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Banking Digital Marketing Services

When it comes to building your bank’s online brand, what are some of the services we offer?


Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing your bank’s rankings as they appear on search engines. We do this through content editing, website optimization, tech SEO, citation building, and more.

Digital Ads

Online ads are a big part of the digital marketing package. They can come in many forms such as display ads, search ads, and more. This allows you to get your bank or financial institution’s name in front of potential customers quicker.

Email Marketing

Do you need help creating a newsletter or connecting with current and potential customers? We can help create an email marketing plan for your bank.


As banking experts, you might be all about numbers. Let our wordsmiths help make your website enticing and engaging for users.

Social Media Management

Social media can be tricky. Figuring out what to post and when to post is a challenge in of itself but our social media experts are here to make it easy for you.

Let's work together to grow your bank's online presence.

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