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IT Consulting

IT consulting services give businesses access to a wealth of technical information and benefit from the expertise of a team of IT professionals. This advisory service transforms businesses by evaluating technology needs and bridging the gap between what the business can provide themselves and what areas they require assistance.

We can come in and sit on your IT steering committee or serve as your virtual CIO. If you’ve got a tech problem, we can help find your tech solution.

Let's find the right solution for your business.

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Dedicated Experts

Partnering with Atiba provides you with a team of experts dedicated to helping you succeed. With over 25 years of technology consulting experience, there is no challenge we can’t help you solve.


Our consulting services can expand with you as you grow. Whether it be assisting your IT staff with supplemental support or functioning as your company’s virtual CIO, we are prepared to help.

Half Geek, Half Human

Our team of experts can help you understand all of the technical aspects of your company’s IT regardless of if you are unsure of complex technologies or are an expert in the field of IT.

What Is IT Consulting?

Consulting services for IT can look different for every company. Some businesses require very little assistance while others need more clarity and direction. IT consulting can consist of a wide variety of items including:

  • Functioning as your company’s virtual CIO
  • IT security consultants
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Cloud management services
  • Assisting with technology migration
  • Evaluating existing infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting and help desk services
  • Network assessments
  • Customization of software

Why Your Business Should Use IT Consulting Services

Benefit from Expert Experience

IT business consultants have decades of experience in the technology field and have a team working alongside them to provide additional support. Whenever a problem of an unknown variety arises, odds are they – or their team – will have encountered a similar situation and will provide a solution immediately.

Save Money and Resources

Maintaining an in-house, full-time IT team for your company can get costly quickly when you take into account salaries and benefits. With IT consulting, you only pay for the hours it takes to complete your project and nothing more.

Prevent Future Issues

An IT consultant can identify areas of concern across your technical network and help remedy the issue. This prevents certain issues from ever occurring, keeping downtime to a minimum and improving your productivity.

We're ready to help you build something special.

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