IT Support in Nashville – How do you choose?

By JJ Rosen June 8, 2022
Choosing An IT Provider

Choosing a Nashville IT support company

Outsourcing some or all of your IT capabilities to a managed IT services provider sounds easy, well, on paper at least. But figuring out which IT support company to choose is the hard part. There are lots of Nashville IT support companies to choose from. So, with many choices to choose from, how do you choose the right option for your company? Here’s what to look for;

  1. Clear service description

IT companies are obsessive about refining their processes and procedures to serve their clients better. Despite defining their service portfolio clearly and distinguishing their clients, what they offer might not be the best for you. If the service is niched down and offers an extensive list of features, it may be a lot more than you need, and you end up paying for what you don’t really need. If you are more complex than their usual client, their expertise or service may fail to meet your standards.

A mature IT service provider would know if they are the right fit for you and be honest about it. When describing their service and what they can do, be keen to notice if they “get” your business and have done this before. This way, you are sure they know and understand your business processes, and IT needs and can support you in the way your business requires.

  1. Thorough documentation of handling support requests

Most Nashville IT service providers will offer support options, including 24/7 support through ticketing, emails, or calling their help desk. You should check out how they describe their process for handling requests. Talk to them about how you can contact support and what the support process involves. While interviewing them, focus on questions about;

  • How do they track support tickets from submission to completion, and if your internal IT team can monitor the support process as well?
  • How do they handle after-hours support, and if their 24/7 support is included in the service offering, how are the extra hours billed?
  • How do they handle escalated issues regarding complex support needs? Do they have top-notch IT specialists, and what are their timeline and expectations?
  • How will they work with your vendors? Can they act as a point of contact and manage any IT-related issues with other vendors and interface any technical concerns?
  • What is their onsite support like? With the advent of remote work setups, confirm if their tech team can come onsite and how they will manage short notice support issues which need a specialist onsite or whether they have another vendor.
  1. They have a track record of success in your industry

The more proven experience the Nashville IT support company has in providing the specific IT service to companies in your industry, the better equipped they can offer support specific to your company’s needs. They should be familiar with your industry’s IT needs, regulations, and what technology capabilities you have set up.

The Nashville IT support company should be comfortable providing you with client reviews and testimonials that reveal the type and quality of their service and what their experience working with the company was like.

They should be willing to give you a cross-sectional view of how they have previously handled client requests, the feedback, and the resolution of raised issues. If they can’t, that’s a red flag. Ask to talk to a random client of theirs and get an in-depth feel of their experience. This will help you manage expectations and what to look forward to when working with them.

  1. Awards, partnerships, and certifications earned

If a company successfully meets the requirements and is on the list, you are confident that they are an experienced provider. Check out their partnerships with major manufacturers like Dell, Microsoft, Google, and HP. Partnerships prove a company’s maturity and ability to handle products from such companies. You can also ask about and verify any other certifications and how they earned them to ensure their industry recognition isn’t merely ceremonial.

  1. They take their own advice

Your Nashville IT support provider should be on top of their game. Their company should be comfortable working with the latest technology and established industry best practices from infrastructure to their teams. Inquire about their technology stacks, cybersecurity posture and how they protect themselves from threats and handle IT issues. A good sign is that they have a competent team experienced in handling issues concerning vulnerabilities, penetration tests, and other IT support needs. You want to work with a company that practices what they preach.

Atiba has been on the IT scene since 1992. We blend geek and human to solve tough tech problems using elegant design, unmatched architecture, and unbeatable support solutions. We are a leading Nashville technology company that’s always excited and ready to assist your company with all IT support needs, from networking to custom IT needs. We work with enterprise-level organizations, small businesses, and everything in between.

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