Keeping Your Electronics Safe Over the Summer

By Jake Peterson May 27, 2021
summer electronics

With schools closing and the temperatures rising, we’re moving right into summer. Before everyone rushes off to a long-overdue vacation, the neighborhood pool, or summer barbeques, it’s important we discuss how to keep your electronics safe over the summer.

The summer months can be brutal on your laptops, phones, computers, servers, and more but that doesn’t mean you have to lose performance or wear an item out. Below are some of our top tips for making sure your electronics stay safe over the summer.

Keep Objects Out of Direct Sunlight

The sun can help us get a great tan but your electronic items don’t receive the same benefit. If you’re using your phone or laptop outside, make sure you’re in a shady spot so the sun isn’t shining directly on the screen. Even though some devices are glare-free, this doesn’t mean they can be left to bake out in the sun.

Proper Ventilation

proper ventilation in home

While your phone or desktop may not have these problems, laptops can get quite hot over the summer. That’s why you should make sure and keep your room or house properly ventilated. You may not want to run the AC all summer, but keeping the house no warmer than 80 degrees will protect your items in the long run.

Open windows or install a fan to help keep your room and devices cool.

Laptop coolers can also help keep your laptop cool but if your laptop is already showing signs of overheating, then they may be a temporary solution.

Clean off Dust

Dust is a computer’s number one enemy and can cause your items to overheat. That’s why you should be cleaning off the dust a bit more frequently over the summer. Usually, it’s wise to give your computer a thorough cleaning once every six months, but you might want to do it once every 6 weeks during the summer.

Dust buildup can not only slow your device but can make your devices heat up quicker than usual. If you’re doing it at home, make sure you use a can of compressed air and NEVER use your vacuum.

Limit Device Usage

Remote workers are used to using their computers all day, but it’s good to take breaks and not overuse your devices during the summer. Constant use means more heat and more energy which could result in damaged items.

If you don’t need your devices, then it’s even a better excuse to put down the laptop and head outside for a fun summer activity.

Be Smart

If you’re on your phone or computer and you start to feel your hands sweat or your phone get really hot, then it’s time to stop using your device. Put it in a shady area or leave it inside. The worst thing that could happen is for your phone to give out on a family vacation!

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