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Nashville’s Leading Azure Consultant

Azure is a leading cloud platform for data storage, backup, remote work, and more. There are lots of moving parts to the Azure system, such as application development, analytics, disaster recovery, network security, and application development. As a top Azure consulting company, we can help you take advantage of all those parts.

With Azure, we can help you transform your business to become more flexible, secure, and agile.

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What Makes Atiba a Top Azure Consultant?

Azure Expertise

One of the most common rookie mistakes we see is administrators over-provisioning their cloud services. This can lead to a huge financial setback for a business, oftentimes in the thousands of dollars range. We can help make sure you're getting the most out of Azure.

Ongoing Maintenance

Things in the IT world break or stop working. It's just a fact of life. But, that doesn't mean they have to be a burden for your business. Here at Atiba, we provide ongoing maintenance to make sure you avoid downtime and keep on running.

Years of Experience

Microsoft released Azure in 2008 and we've been working with Azure since almost day one. Safe to say, there isn't an Azure issue or problem we haven't seen before.

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Azure Consulting Services

We can help you get the most out of Microsoft’s Azure. Our network service team members have an average of 20 years of experience and have helped many businesses and entities set up or migrate to Azure.

Our experts can help you with a number of tasks, such as:

  • Azure compliance
  • Azure development consulting
  • Azure cost-optimization Services
  • Azure virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Azure migration
  • Azure Management
  • Azure Readiness Assessment

Benefits of Microsoft’s Azure

Top-Notch Scalability

Let’s say that your business is running daily reports and 25 out of the 30 days of the month, these reports are normal and require minimal computing power. However, on those other five days, you notice a huge uptick in reporting which requires an influx of computer power.

Azure makes it simple to scale your computer power depending on your needs. Just how easy do they make it? You only have to click a button.

While some of Microsoft’s other tools may not be as flashy or simple to the everyday user, Azure makes it easy for you to scale your power based on your business needs.

Low Downtime

We rely so much on technology and we need our devices and items to be working all the time.

Azure goes a step further and offers a service level agreement, or SLA, guaranteeing 99.95% of uptime over the course of the year. That’s about 4.5 hours of downtime for the entire year.

That’s because Microsoft has data centers all around the globe, meaning that their services are guaranteed to be up and running whenever you need them.


Another reason Azure has been a favorite with many of our clients is that it offers a pay-as-you-go pricing option. This means that small and medium-sized businesses can finetune their budgets and only use as much of the cloud as they need to.

Plus, costs can be reduced because both customer applications and internal apps can be launched in the cloud. This will save money on IT infrastructure while also lowering any costs of hardware and overall maintenance.

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