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By Jake Peterson February 21, 2021
web design

What does a web designer do?

A web design company is in charge of designing a website. They’ll be in charge of the overall look and feel choosing colors, photos, layout, menus, and other design aspects.  A developer will handle what’s going on behind the scenes, a web designer’s work will be everything one sees when visiting a website.

How many hours does it take to design a website?

When it comes to a set amount of hours, the only right answer is ‘it depends’. Designing an eCommerce website is going to be much more intensive than designing a website for a local business. Design projects can take anywhere from 20 hours to 200 hours. In addition, the total time needed will vary depending on if the project is a redesign or an entirely new website.

How do I know what kind of website I need?

The type of website you need will depend on what kind of business you are. Online magazines, blogs, business websites, eCommerce sites, and more all have different requirements and design guides. Your brand, messaging, audience, and more will play a significant role in what kind of website you need.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Our design and development process is mobile-first. The vast majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices and Google uses your mobile site only to evaluate online rankings. We know the importance of a mobile website and start working there before moving onto other versions.

What comes first, design or development?

Design is one of the first stages of creating a website. The developer is the one that helps the designer’s vision come to life.

What types of businesses do you help?

Here at Atiba, we’ve helped a wide range of clients since our inception in 1992. Whether you’re a startup, enterprise-level business, or small business, we can help you.

Do you build eCommerce websites?

Yes! We have helped many businesses build eCommerce websites. These can either be adding an eCommerce option to an already existing site or building one from the ground up. We’ve done both.

Do you build websites with SEO in mind?

Making sure your website is able to be found by Google is a crucial part of the web design process. Since we offer digital marketing and web design services in-house, our experts regularly communicate with each other on the best practices to help your website improve online visibility.

What kind of support do you offer?

We know that a project can be ongoing which is why we offer support post-launch. Whether tweaks need to be made, you want slight adjustments, or something else entirely, we provide support post-launch.

Why should I choose Atiba to be my web design partner?

Not only have we been designing websites for decades, but our portfolio shows that we can work with any business out there. No matter your scope, industry, or business size, we can create a solution for you.


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