What to Look for in a Nashville Digital Marketing Company

By Jake Peterson September 2, 2021
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As more and more businesses ramp up their online efforts, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd.

Wanting to hire a digital marketing company isn’t hard, but finding the best digital marketing company can be a tough challenge. As a business owner, you want to do your due diligence in researching the ideal company before embarking on your digital marketing journey.

Today, we’re going to talk about what you should look for in a Nashville digital marketing company.

First, Figure Out What You Need

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You might say ‘we need a digital marketing campaign that’s going to help us gain leads, improve conversions, and increase brand awareness’.

It’s a basic statement, but it doesn’t say a lot about what you really need.

What exactly are you looking to accomplish? Do you want to grow your social media following? Redesign your website? Bring in more traffic through paid ads? Would a local digital marketing company work better? Create better landing pages? Connect with people in your community? All of the above?

Before you start looking for a company, you need to think about the most important thing in this whole equation: your business.

Once you have your goals, it will be much easier to start looking for a company that can fit your needs.

So, what should you be looking for?

They Have Custom Solutions

No two businesses are alike. An enterprise-level company is not going to need the same solution as a small business.

Packaged digital marketing and digital strategies can be dangerous and a waste of both your time and money. One company may be offering a digital marketing package that includes email marketing. But what if you’re only looking for social media help? Why would you spend money on a package that has something you don’t need?

When you talk with the digital marketing company, make sure they’re ready to provide individual, custom solutions for your business. You need a plan that works for you and only you.

They should also be willing to tweak plans to make sure they align with your business mindset and goals.

They’re More than a One-Trick Pony

Digital marketing is a wide field. It can cover everything from sitewide audits to web design to local SEO strategy. It’s like saying you enjoy exercise but don’t specify what you enjoy doing.

Many disciplines of digital marketing play off and complement one another. If you’re hiring a company to handle the content overhaul of your website, do they also have the technical SEO knowledge to make sure everything is right under the hood?

They don’t have to offer all services out there, but they should at least have an understanding of all the different types of services out there.

A Well-Rounded Portfolio

There are digital marketing companies out there that specialize in certain industries, such as banking or healthcare. While they may have never worked within your specific industry, they might have carried out similar projects in the past.

Take a look at their case studies or ask about similar projects they’ve done in the past.

For example, you might want to tap into the giant and growing world of eCommerce. But, it might be hard to find a company that’s worked with your specific industry or niche. However, you’re more likely to find a company that’s worked with eCommerce clients in the past.

Tool Knowledge and Expertise

There are countless tools in the digital marketing toolbox, but the company you’re working with should have an understanding of some well-known tools, such as:

  • Google Tools
  • Google Ads
  • A CRM such as HubSpot
  • SEO tools

While some digital marketing tools are free, many of the paid tools are necessary to help you gain an advantage over your competitors. If your digital marketing company is unable to provide you with access to tools, then it may be time to look somewhere else.

They Have Positive Messaging

Before you decide on a company, you should check out their website and do your own investigation. What is their messaging like? Do you both speak the same language? Do you feel you could be on the same page?

While their marketing plan may not be textbook, you can still get a good idea of what they represent and how they interact with their clients.

If you don’t feel like you’ve connected to their messaging, then why would you hire them as your digital marketing company? You wouldn’t!

It’s much easier to work with someone you get along with that has similar ideals and messaging.

They Give Regular Reporting

As anyone knows, marketing is a long-term strategy and measuring performance over the course of months or years is the only way to show that a marketing strategy is working.

Your digital marketing company needs to be able to provide you with clear, regular, and transparent reporting on a timely basis that you both agree to ahead of time.

That way, you can see which efforts are working well and which are falling short.

Reports should also be customized to what you’re focusing on. If you’re looking to generate more organic traffic, reports should be focusing on that number instead of an increase in social media followers.

They Don’t Give Guarantees

No digital marketing agency worth its salt should ever give you a guarantee. If they’re guaranteeing a #1 spot on Google, 100% in sales in one month, or something else, it’s time to start looking elsewhere.

google guarantee

In the digital marketing world, there are so many moving parts and outside factors, it’s impossible to come up with a firm guarantee.

Your digital marketing company should be able to help you set goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure your future performance. Find a company that goes for goals, not guarantees.

They’re Easy to Talk To

Lastly, you want your digital marketing services provider to be easy to get along with and easy to talk to.

Finding a digital marketing company that’s easy to get along with is more important than finding a software development company that’s easy to talk to. Since they’re helping you craft your client-facing plan, you need someone you can get along with and who doesn’t cause an overabundance of issues.

Plus, they should be easy to get a hold of. Phone calls or email messages shouldn’t go unanswered for days on end.

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